Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy and sell items?
Items are not bought or sold directly through the Mommy Market website. Mommy Market is only intended as a way to help buyers and sellers find each other. Beyond that, it is up to you to determine how to finalize all transactions. Some buyers or sellers may be willing to meet you outside of their community or to even ship items and accept payment online through a third party, such as PayPal, but most of the time transactions occur face to face.

How much does Mommy Market cost?
Mommy Market is, and always will be, completely free to use. There is no cost to register, list items, search, or do anything else on the website. Additionally, since transactions do not happen on our website, but occur between individual users, there are no transaction fees. Those ads to the right support the website so that we can continue to maintain and improve the it and pay for hosting without ever charging our users a dime.

I not looking for anything in particular. Is there a way to browse items?
Yes! Go to the search form and make sure the state and community that you want to view items in is selected. Leave the rest of the options in the search form blank and click submit. This will give you a list of every item posted in that community. You may also choose the order you want to view the items (oldest, newest, or least expensive).

I haven't received my verification email. What can I do?
Occasionally an issue prevents your receipt of the automatically sent emails from Mommy Market. If your account confirmation email seems unnecessarily delayed, first check your spam folder. If the email is not there then let us know through the Contact Us Form and we'll correct the issue for you. Adding to your contacts may help assure that you properly receive communications from us.
*Please take note that this issue may not be unique to your account confirmation. If you are not receiving communications from Mommy Market, such as ISO match notifications or Daily Digest updates for your listed items, be sure to Contact Us for help.

I want to buy an item from a seller that lives in a different community than me. What do I do?
All transactions and their details are strictly between the buyer and the seller, however, we do offer some suggestions. Anytime you find an item you want to buy, contact the seller by sending them a message or commenting on the item. Be honest with them about your situation and your desire for the item. Some sellers may be willing to meet you outside of their community or to even ship items and accept payment online through a third party (like PayPal). Please remember that not all sellers will be able to or willing to make these kinds of arrangements. Again, remember that it is always your responsibility to work out the details of every transaction you take part in.

The item I purchased was not as described/pictured. What do I do?
Make sure to ask a lot of questions and thoroughly inspect each item before you complete a transaction. Remember, once you've found a buyer or seller, it's up to you to protect yourself throughout the entire process. We'll sbe adding a rating system soon so you can let other users know what you think of other buyers or sellers.

Why are there social share buttons on my profile page? I don't want my personal profile details shared with people who do not have a Mommy Market account.
The social share buttons on your profile page are there to make it easier to share a complete list of your items with others. When your profile page is shared, only Mommy Market users that are logged in will be able to see your personal profile details. These details will never be available to people who do not have a Mommy Market account. Non-users will only be able to see your user name and your complete list of items.

Don't see your question here? Contact Us and we'll do everything we can to help you!

Why Ads?
Just like caring for a child, the care of a website can be expensive. Advertising allows us to cover the costs associated with continued development, maintenance, and web hosting so that Mommy Market can be free to all users.