Coming Soon!
Here are some of the new features we're working on now!

  • Rating System

    Users will be able to rate other users in their community. This will help all our users seek out the best products from the best sellers.

  • Flag Inappropriate Posts

    If an item, comment, message, or profile seems inappropriate, you'll be able to flag it as such. The Mommy Market team will be acting as moderators looking for these flagged items and deleting them when appropriate.

  • Buying and Selling Lists

    We're working to make it even easier to keep track of all the items you've found a buyer or seller for.

  • Option to Include Your Children on Your Profile

    If you'd like to, soon you can list your children on your profiles. This will help other users to contact you about items that are especially appropriate for your little one.

  • Video Tutorials

    We're working on short video tutorials that demonstrate how to use every part of the site.

    • These are just some of the exciting new features we have in mind!

      As Mommy Market grows, we'll keep updating and adding new features. Your input will be invaluable in deciding what features to work on next. If you have an idea of something we should add to the site or have an opinion on the features you see here, use the Contact Us page to let us know!
      Recently Added!
      Some of the features that we've recently completed for Mommy Market!

      • A Blog

        We'll use the blog to keep you up to date on all the newest features and happenings for Mommy Market. You'll be able to access it from the menu item below or visit it directly at

          • Featured Service Providers

            We'll be featuring local businesses that provide parent and child related services like daycare.

              • 'Free Stuff' Page

                To help you save time and money we now have a page for all of the items in your community that are currently listed as free!

                  • Multi-Region Support for Items

                    If you live near another area or are willing to travel to another community to make a sale, you can now assign more than one region to each of your items.

Why Ads?
Just like caring for a child, the care of a website can be expensive. Advertising allows us to cover the costs associated with continued development, maintenance, and web hosting so that Mommy Market can be free to all users.