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Mommy Market is a community based one-stop-shop for Mommies (and Daddies!) just like you to buy, sell, or trade the stuff they want, need, or need to get rid of.

Because we know that every moment is precious when you're a parent, we strive to make your life a little easier and efficient in a few simple ways: (Click here to see a video demonstration!)

  • We'll let you know when something you want becomes available if you just tell us what you're "In Search Of"
  • A smart search so you can find the things you're looking for and other members can find your items
  • An easy way to list the items you want to sell or trade
  • Two ways for members to communicate about items

And, since the only thing that may be more valuble than your time is your money, we'll list items from the following categories so you can get the most out of your money:

  • Maternity
    (Clothes, Pillows, etc.)
  • Clothes
    (Baby, Toddler, etc.)
  • Supplies
    (Bottles, Diapers, Formula, etc.)
  • Toys
    (If it's fun, it goes here)
  • Gear
    (Diaper Bags, Stollers, Highchairs, etc.)
  • MISC
    (Anything else child related)

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Why Ads?
Just like caring for a child, the care of a website can be expensive. Advertising allows us to cover the costs associated with continued development, maintenance, and web hosting so that Mommy Market can be free to all users.